What are the types of Artificial Intelligence?

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According to the world’s leading experts on AI, artificial intelligence is the fourth technology revolution that will shape the world in the 21st century. Today, AI is a major part of our daily lives. Some of the technologies that fall under the umbrella of AI include but are not limited to: machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, voice and handwriting recognition, and data analytics. The use of AI in all of these areas is expected to explode exponentially over the coming decade.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more accessible and affordable, the conversation about what types of AI are most helpful and how AI can be best utilized has grown increasingly popular. But when people think of AI, they often imagine algorithms. There are several different kinds of AI.

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into many types, depending on its functional capabilities, and functionality.

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into many types, depending on its functional capabilities, and functionality.

Based on Capabilities

Following AI types are Based on Capabilities

Weak AI or Narrow AI

Weak AI refers to algorithms that are based on human intelligence and are designed to mimic the actions of the human mind. Narrow AI, on the other hand, refers to algorithms that have been designed to mimic the actions of specific areas of the human brain. This is in contrast to weak AI, which tries to mimic all aspects of the human mind.

Apple’s Siri is an example of narrow AI because it operates in a limited pre-defined range of functions. IBM’s Watson is a supercomputer that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) approach combined with machine learning and natural language processing. This is also a good example of Narrow AI. Many narrow AI technologies are being developed, such as playing chess, purchasing suggestions on e-commerce websites, and image and speech recognition.

General AI

General AI is an artificial intelligence that is capable of performing any intellectual task with efficiency like a human being. The idea is to make AI that could be smarter, and ability to think and make decisions like that of a human being. There is no existing system that can come under general AI and do anything better than a human in performing any task. Researchers across the globe are working on creating machines with General AI. The research and development of systems with general AI are still in the early stage. It’ll take a lot of effort and time to develop them.

Super AI

This type of AI will perform tasks at a level superior to human capability. It is capable of thinking for itself and adapting to changing conditions without any human assistance. Other prime characteristics of Super AI include reason, solving puzzles, making judgments, planning, learning, and communicating. The concept of Super AI is still hypothetical and it will take quite some time to have something that works better than we already do.

Based on Functionalities

Following AI types are Based on Functionalities

Reactive Machines

The reactive machine type is the most basic type of AI that performs purely basic operations. This type of AI merely responds to present circumstances and cannot rely upon recalled or learned data to make any decisions in the present. A reactive machine does away with maps and other pre-planned ways of operating. These machines are more reactive than most others in that they make decisions based on observed events and conditions rather than pre-planned scenarios. The reactive machines are only given very specific jobs, and they don’t have any extra ability to go beyond the given instructions such as a robot playing a chess game against human beings. Also, they don’t interact with the outside world and only respond to situations where it is the same way whenever encountered. Some of the examples of reactive AI includes Spam filters, Recommendation Engine from Netflix, Chess Playing Supercomputer, etc.

Limited Memory

Limited memory types are AI’s that can store previous data or predictions, and use that information to make better predictions. This AI type can only store past experiences for a limited amount of time and also use those stored data for a short period. Every Machine Learning model will need limited memory to be created. But it can be used in a reactive machine, which is the most basic and simplest type of AI. One of the best examples of Limited memory AI is none other than the self-driving cars. Because they can store a lot of information such as the recent speeds of nearby cars, the distance of other cars, speed limit, navigation, etc.

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind AI is a type of AI machine that is still not developed. However, most researchers are putting their maximum effort into improving and developing such AI machines. This is a type of artificial intelligence that will be able to interact with the thoughts and emotions of humans. This AI type will be focused on individuals whose minds can be shaped by multiple factors such as understanding human beings. They will be having a better understanding of the entities that they interact with. It will be able to understand the interactions, needs, thought processes, emotions, and beliefs of humans. Their study of human behavior will have a huge impact on the creation of accurate machines. And, it will be considered to be one of the crucial technological developments in the field of AI and ML.

Self-aware AI 

The final type of artificial intelligence is where the machines are aware of themselves and perceive their internal states and emotions like those of other people. The future of Artificial Intelligence will be the self-aware AI, the nirvana. These machines will have their consciousness, feelings, and self-awareness, and they will be smarter than a human beings. This type of AI is yet to be developed and in case it is developed, we may witness a robot with human-level consciousness and intelligence.

It will have independent intelligence, and likely, people will have to negotiate terms with the entity it created. No one knows what will happen in the future, and no matter how you feel about the past, things will change.

Final Words

There can be many other types of A.I. and they can be more tech-oriented. Those types of artificial intelligence are written with a stronger foundation than similar ones and they are capable of helping advance humanity.

With this technology, you can control everything. It will make things a lot easier. It will help you to manage your schedule and also your money. You won’t have to worry about spending your time or money on anything that isn’t relevant.

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