How to Increase Sales With Artificial Intelligence?

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Learn how to increase sales With Artificial Intelligence by removing uncertainty from the sales process.

Do you also believe that selling isn’t easy? Well, that’s not always the case. It’s quite easy when you know how to do it.

According to a study, only one percent of cold calls lead to an appointment (quite shocking, isn’t it!) Most of it happens because the salespeople fail to understand prospects’ needs.

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it is helping salespeople increase lead, conversion rate, and ROI. Enterprises use AI in all kinds of innovative ways to drive their businesses. It’s more than sure that you might have also experienced it already.

Do you also want to know how you can boost sales with AI? This blog will shed some light on it. So let’s start!

How To Increase Sales With AI?

Lead Generation

AI systems are much better than humans in filling the pipeline fast. AI tools can find new potential leads from your databases or social platforms. They mine the connections between companies, people, products, & places on the web & filter those leads that have the potential to become customers.

AI tools can also find new leads that are similar to the existing leads in your system. They even provide contact details for the leads in your addressable market. They can even find replacement contacts when people change their job, surface new sales lead from Outlook responses, & find phone numbers of the contacts from their email signatures.

Lead Scoring And Nurture

Lead Scoring is an effective model for marketing and sales teams. It helps to identify the potential prospects from your current sales funnel. This model works well when it is set up & used regularly.

The sales team can assign point values to different customer actions in the sales funnel. For instance, imagine such actions include visiting the website and downloading the price sheet of the product from the pricing page. Now, it would be a waste of time for a salesperson to contact a prospect who is just in the research phase & visits your website over a prospect who has downloaded the price sheet.

Based on the value of action towards doing business, scoring is given. A lead would be tagged as a ‘hot’ lead when they reach a threshold point. Thus, AI for sales helps the sales team to focus their attention on the right prospects & be more productive.

Enhances Personalization

The heart of making buying decisions today is personalization. According to a study, 3 out of 4 customers say that they are more likely to buy from a brand offering personalization over brands that don’t. Hence, personalization is directly proportional to profits.

AI can remove the guesswork out of personalization. The Starbucks marketing program is one classic example of AI personalization in Action, by showing a 300% increase in customer spending. Customers at Starbucks regularly receive personalized offers & free drink rewards based on their past purchase behavior.

AI-powered personalization can help your customers move their way through the buyer’s journey. The algorithm studies consumer behavior so that messages such as ads are sent at the right time & trigger the ideal response.

Intelligent Forecasting

Several enterprises engage themselves in sales forecasting regularly, still, it seems to be an imprecise activity. Traditional sales forecasting included several activities such as in-depth historical analysis, which may not work sometimes.

AI can help increase the accuracy of sales forecasting. It enables sales representatives to effectively understand & keep a tab on existing customer journeys. It provides real-time insights into customer pain points & preferences.

For example, if a customer is looking for a competitive product; AI will capture this data & predict which competitive messaging should be presented to attract this customer. If AI detects that a customer has purchased a competitor’s product, it offers personalized sales messaging delivered with the intent to engage the customer.

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A sales cycle is more than just a numbers game. Sales teams often fall short in delivering accurate sales. They can leverage the far-reaching capabilities of AI to bring better results. AI can help the sales team to better understand their prospects & accurately determine their true worth. AI is the top growth area for sales teams (no surprises for guessing!). Its adoption is also at a high rate.

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