Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Use

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AI software development is a massive market, & technology is improving all the time. Learn how AI is impacting our everyday lives without you knowing about it.

The implications of artificial intelligence (AI) & the role it can play in influencing our future are being debated in the tech community. However, artificial intelligence has been in use for quite some time. It has a wider range of applications in our daily lives than you might think.

From reading emails to getting directions while driving, we are using artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of our lives. In this post, we will explore some of the best examples of how artificial intelligence is impacting our day-to-day activities. Let’s start!

Applications of AI #1: AI in marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing, also known as AI Marketing, is a method of leveraging customer data and artificial intelligence concepts like machine learning to anticipate the customer’s next move and also improve the customer journey. Advancements in AI offer companies better ways to do that.

Applications of AI #2: Self-driving cars

The future of transportation is self-driving cars. These cars use AI to make decisions and adjustments on the fly. This means that they can react faster than humans in unpredictable situations. This new technology will be useful to save lives by reducing accidents caused by human error. This will also make traveling safer than ever before.

Another application of AI in the driving or delivery sector is the idea of having products delivered by drone. This idea may seem far-fetched and futuristic. However, it’s already being implemented by giants like Amazon and Walmart. They are working on these programs and we will see their delivery drones in action soon. 

Applications of AI #3: Facial recognition

One of the front-runner applications of artificial intelligence is facial recognition. It is also one of the advanced forms of biometric authentication that is capable of identifying and verifying a person using its facial features in an image or video from a database.

Applications of AI #4: Speech recognition

Speech recognition using AI is a software technology powered by advanced solutions like Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP can be called human language processing as it is an artificial intelligence technology that processes natural human speech.

Applications of AI #5: AI in Smartphones

Your smartphone incorporates several features that use artificial intelligence whether you know it or not. The built-in smart voice assistants and even the portrait mode in the smartphone camera use artificial intelligence to accomplish the task.

Applications of AI #6: Navigation

Several navigation services are made possible by artificial intelligence. Such services use data to provide traffic information and accurate routes so drivers can avoid delays and get to where they want in time. The same technology is also used in self-driving cars.

Applications of AI #7: Banking and finance

Banks use machine learning algorithms in their mobile apps. Your banking app can recognize your handwriting. This saves you the hassle of having to type a check. The banks also use artificial intelligence for fraudulent activity detection, so that they can tell if someone is trying to impersonate you.

Applications of AI #8: Recommendation systems

Online retailers offer personalized product suggestions with AI-powered recommendation systems. Such suggestions are tailored specifically to the customer’s needs and tastes. It can help retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to personalize their offerings based on what they know about their customer’s habits. That means customers have more relevant recommendations tailored just for them!

Applications of AI #9: Security and surveillance

The use of artificial intelligence in surveillance is on the rise these days. As numerous cameras are installed in a security and surveillance network, it becomes difficult to monitor all of them manually. Artificial intelligence can help by analyzing and monitoring video feeds from these cameras 24/7. This means that humans don’t have to spend their time doing such tedious tasks anymore.

Applications of AI #10: Email Communication

You might have seen your spam emails getting automatically moved to the spam inbox. Google has employed artificial intelligence to ensure that nearly all of the email messages that are landing in your inbox are authentic. 

With new artificial intelligence-enabled features such as Smart Reply, Gmail helps you to save time by suggesting responses for common messages so that you can send a follow-up email quickly without doing much typing work.

Applications of AI #11: Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is a new and exciting way of looking at the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Artificial intelligence has given medical professionals and doctors access to more patient information than ever before. This has opened new dimensions in the healthcare sector.

With the introduction of AI-powered machines, it has become much easier to detect disease & diagnose patients with accuracy that previously was not possible in the world of medicine.

Conclusion: AI is now a part of our everyday life

Artificial intelligence is a part of our daily life in several ways. When you ask a question to your digital assistant, the technology uses AI to search the web and find the most helpful answer. When you see a targeted ad on social media, it is generated by AI. The product recommendations that you get while shopping online, your music recommendations from Spotify, and even your social media friend suggestions are all influenced by artificial intelligence and are applications of AI.

Some experts predict that the widespread use and application of AI will lead to a second industrial revolution. AI has already made a huge impact on several aspects of our day-to-day tasks. As more and more advancements are made to artificial intelligence technology, it will become even more prevalent in our everyday life.

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